Shadows of Atlantis – Awakening (Volume 1)

Book by Mara Powers, Review by Carie Gueswel

The realm of Atlantis a picturesque place; the ancient culture is steeped in traditions that are meant to help its citizens live in harmony and balance with nature. Rituals like the nightly mindlight meditations send psychic energy through the Crystal Grid, which powers the cities of Atlantis and creates a collective consciousness among the people. Whoever, there is a darkness that has settled into the Grid. Parasitic shadows have invaded the psyche of the people, feeding off their negative emotions and gaining control over their minds creating an epidemic called the madness. The fate of all Atlantis could be on the brink of destruction. The hope of its survival may lie in the hands of citizens like D’Vinid, a dispirited musician consumed by personal problems, but someone born with a gene that can unlock magical powers once believed to be the birthright of humankind.

Mara Powers has created a world steeped in magic, mystery, and mayhem. Her use of descriptive writing brings Atlantis to life, from the grand architecture of Poseidia – the ruling city of Atlantis – to its lush gardens, waterscapes and unique travel capabilities. Powers also takes her time building the narrative, creating character dialog and establishing distinct voices and personalities. In addition, giving a small background to each of the characters helps the book establish and maintain a solid theme. Characters like D’Vinid a rueful musician, who struggles with commitment issues and prefers to keep his nose out of the politics of others, and softhearted Brigitte the promised mate of Kyliron the half-mad High King of Atlantis, add a romantic if not slightly deceptive twist to the saga. The entire story takes place within Poseidia and spans about 48 hours. Written in third-person narrative, the book increasingly jumps between character perspectives at its high point, and ends on a cliffhanger, setting the stage for the second book, Shadows of Atlantis: Initiation. I recommend this book to anyone who loves high fantasy or the mythologies surrounding Atlantis or if you just want to sit down and escape to another world.

Shadows of Atlantis: awakening is a brand new novel by debuting author Mara Powers. Mara grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and graduated from Poudre High School. She discovered the mysteries of Atlantis when she was a young teen and has since turned her passion into a series of projects. These projects include a three book series: Shadows of Atlantis Awakening (October 2016), Shadows of Atlantis Initiation (holiday 2016), and Shadows of Atlantis Synthesis (holiday 2017), as well as a series written for young adults titled: Shadows of Atlantis Storm Riders, set to come out in 2017. Mara kicks off her book signing tour in Fort Collins on July 20 starting at 7 p.m. at the Wolverine Bookstore inside the Bean Cycle Coffee Shop located at 144 N. College Ave. Her books are available online at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Itunes and Kobo. You can also pick a copy up at the Wolverine Bookstore or at the Boulder Bookstore starting July 1. For more information on Mara Powers, visit her Facebook page:

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