Chris K’s Colorado Playlist 10 Year Anniversary

Bobby Deal Front Range Photography

By: Carie Gueswel

Chris K’s Colorado Playlist, is celebrating its 10th year on the air! In 2006, a brand new show titled The Colorado Sound hit the airways with Chris K., aka the “Goat,” and longtime radio personality, as its creator and hostFour years later, the show went independent, and in 2016, after selling the original name to KUNC for branding the new 105.5 The Colorado Sound, the program went through a name change and became the widely popular Chris K’s Colorado Playlist. Chris has been in radio for 38 years in Northern Colorado, and in that time, he has harvested a wealth of knowledge on the history of Colorado music and the scores of successful bands to herald from this region. Fortunately, for Colorado, Chris had a strong desire to tell that story. On August 7, the Mishawaka will help celebrate the Colorado Playlists 10 year Anniversary, along with the RailbendersGoatz!, and Liz Barnez

 To learn more about the program visit, or to listen, tune into to KRFC 88.9 Saturday’s at 8pm  

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