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Letter from the Editor

This month, we say goodbye to a dear colleague in the music world, SpokesBUZZ. Six years ago, visionary and entrepreneur, Dani Grant, founded what has proven to be a pivotal launch pad for Colorado bands when she opened the doors of the non-profit organization designed to educated bands and incubate them for a period of time as they developed necessary business skills in the music industry. Since 2010, SpokesBUZZ has formally mentored nearly 40 bands and influenced countless others that, although they were not part of the organizations’ annual class membership, benefited from the myriad booking, networking, and instructional opportunities that SpokesBUZZ so generously offered.

Many of the bands we have come to know and adore in Colorado are part of the SpokesBUZZ alumni. On Scene’s “Ones to Watch” list this year, which includes 20 Colorado acts playing Bohemian Nights and who have been pinpointed by our team as significantly advancing in the music realm, seven have been

Dani and The Yawpers at SXSW 2014- Kirsten Cohen Photography
Dani and The Yawpers at SXSW 2014- Kirsten Cohen Photography

part of SpokesBUZZ’s class membership: The Yawpers, Qbala, Slow Caves, Wire Faces, iZCALLi, The Burroughs, and Shatterproof.


And, an honorary eighth mention goes to Sarah Slaton of Edison, also on the list, as she was an integral part of SpokesBUZZ’s ongoing development and worked periodically for the organization in Denver and Fort Collins.

We are sad to see SpokesBUZZ go, but this organization’s reach and overarching legacy live on

in the hearts, voices, and careers of so many musicians and industry folks. We raise a glass to Dani and her team, all the bands and artists involved directly with SpokesBUZZ, and of course, the ever-memorable Colorado Music Party at SXSW 2014, where more than 80 Colorado bands took of The 512 on Sixth Street for an entire week and showed the music world what this state has to offer in terms of talent. It. Was. EPIC. And SpokesBUZZ led us there. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Thank you, SpokesBUZZ, for six years of memories, lasting impressions, and for giving Colorado music a true voice in the world. We’re on the map and you helped make it happen.  

All the best for a fun and musical future!


Dawn Duncan
Managing Editor

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