ALBUM OF THE MONTH—Eros and The Eschaton—Weight of the Matter

By: Jeremy Fleischer


4 stars

On its most recent LP, Weight of Matter, Colorado Springs’ Eros and the Eschaton showcase a high level of sophistication, both musically and lyrically. Songs exist in technicolor worlds washed in reverb with light touches of synth, while the guitar is prone to meander from well-tread tonal paths to explore what lies beyond, before ultimately returning, It’s a wonderful twist on the classic tension-and-release guitar solo.

But then — oh, but then, Eros and Eschaton always return us to what we know and love. While so many bands with the abilities this one has will wander off into sonic landscapes, leaving listeners stuck on the pedestrian terrain, this band is not afraid of utilizing straight-up rock and pop elements that grab ahold of you so tightly there is no choice but to gladly follow them wherever they want to go. Despite, or perhaps in spite of, exploring so much, musically, it all works as a cohesive sound. It’s masterful and beautiful, even in the noisiest moments.

This album is released on Hoboken, NJ label Bar/None Records, home of Yo La Tengo and Of Montreal. This is great company for Eros and the Eschaton. Do not miss “Rxx,” the song that could break them, and one that makes me miss Sonic Youth.

 Studio: Right Heel Music, Colorado Springs

Producers: Adam Hawkins and Kate Perdoni

Label: Bar/None Records

Engineers: Adam Hawkins and Kate Perdoni

Release Date: August 19, 2016


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