By: Scene Staff 

FC Public Media is Channel 97 of Comcast and operates under the legal name of “FC PAN.” The organization serves as the “Public” portion in the PEG (Public, Educational, Governmental) channels for Fort Collins and was founded in 2004 as a fully volunteer-run organization, guided by a Board of Directors.

Currently, the group is broadening the scope of their marketing in order to reach the general community about their services and the myriad offerings available to non-profit organizations, musicians, students, and recent graduates. Non-profits can spread their message through the media of video and television, students and grads can build their production portfolios here, and also expand their skill sets as they learn more advanced methods of production. Musicians can produce music tracks as demos and visual artists have the ability to showcase their work in FC PUBLIC MEDIA’s unique environment.

Typically, small organizations and individual artists struggle to afford quality videos and television production services. When unable to invest the money needed to create music videos and promotional pieces, these entities typically skip this type of outreach to fans or community members, or resort to sub-par quality in terms of production. FC PUBLIC MEDIA seeks to change this by producing quality television programming for, while teaching production techniques to, the public of Fort Collins. They are a non-profit television station and serve the community as a counter-balance to commercial television and media in Northern Colorado. Additionally, their target demographic is anywhere from 9 to 70 years of age; they are truly open to the public.

In their state of the art studio, FC PUBLIC MEDIA offers trainings in HD and SD camera operation, audio capturing and mixing, lighting, shooting techniques and composition, non-linear editing with Adobe Premiere CS6, Final Cut Pro 7 and Sony Vegas 12, overall video production for television and more. They also offer production services to area nonprofits and charge an hourly rate for these, based on the scope of the project.


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