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Kristin Watts, Founder of Project 31: 25
Project 31:25 is a non-profit outreach program in Fort Collins that is connected with other organizations in our community to help fight the war on domestic violence and give every woman the opportunity for a healthy, safe and successful life. As we have seen in our nation lately, we cannot correct a problem that we don’t admit to have, and it’s time to remove the taboo and talk about this issue in an educated way.
Kristin Watts and Chris Staples, Executive Director and Assistant Director, founded Project 31:25 on April 17, 2016. The name came from Kristin’s favorite verse: Proverbs 31:25.“
“I liked using it for a name and on our business cards because you
can’t tell that it has anything to do with what we do;it could be a clothing store.”
It came from a deep-seeded desire Kristin has to give back to the people who have helped her and to empower women and bring awareness to this serious issue.“ Yes, I went through it myself,” Kristin said. “ I was almost killed numerous times. The whole non-profit came from education,psychological research, and counseling; this isn’t just coming from my feelings, it is very thought through with tried and true
“We want to change the conversation with the community about what domestic violence is, and how to be a support system.This is not just a women’s issue,”Chris added,“We want to be the catalyst to a stronger future.”
They give a girl one place, with a real person, to walk with them through everything they need. Kristin said,“We provide an objective view, education and facts, so they can come to a conclusion on their own. We never tell a girl to leave. We are a safe place to be open and honest. We are a hub for domestic violence. We can refer them to specific people who can help,and we offer group counseling and mentorship in-house.”
Whether it is legal services, housing, children, family or financial
services, or serving opportunities, they are connected.
Sunday, August 28 from 5-9 p.m. at the Downtown Artery, give back to this cause at Unveiling the Light, an artistic fashion show with women from Goodie Lock BoXXX walking through stages of abuse in front of a video by look4light photography featuring 13 ladies from our community telling their stories. A masquerade ball follows at 6:30 p.m. featuring DJ Dallas Wilbanks, and a silent auction that includes a helicopter ride for two, skydiving, and more. They are looking for local, small businesses to get involved by donating, or with a sponsorship ranging from $250 to $2000. Kristin said,“cause it goes directly to a girl getting back into this community. It takes us $1000/girl for a year-long mentorship. That gets
them through everything we offer. The likelihood of them getting into another relationship like that is very low.” Kristin added,“ 1/3 of homeless families is due to domestic violence in Fort Collins. You get that girl in housing and a job, and they are actively making our community a better place. ” Come mingle and have fun, talk to these women; they are your PTA moms, CEOs, bosses, CNAs, paramedics, and managers.

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