The Velveteers : Rocking at UMS

By: Allison LeCain

In the age of pop princesses, there is one rock n’ roll queen taking Denver by storm— Demi Demitro of The Velveteers.  unspecified-24

The Velveteers took the stage last Sunday, July 31, at the Hi-Dive during the Underground Music Showcase (UMS). This heavy rock duo is led by 19-year-old Demitro, and though she’s young in age and small in stature, she practically rocked the walls off of the Hi-Dive.

As lead singer and guitarist, Demitro’s on stage energy demanded attention from the audience. Both her personality and attire shined brightly as she sported a fully-sequined gold jacket. Her hair is a fashion statement by itself – long, wavy, and extremely full-bodied—all wonderful attributes for some seriously impressive hair flips.

Demitro showed off some of her original songs at UMS. She says writing music comes naturally to her, as she’s been doing it most of her life.

 “I think I’ve been writing music unconsciously for almost my whole life,” Demitro said. “It has started to become overwhelming because I have so many notebooks just filled with songs and stories, most of which nobody has ever heard.” 

The Velveteers have a full sound that makes having a large band unnecessary. Demitro uses rotating drummers to back her up while she conquers the stage with her powerful presence.

“I always jump around and do some finger stretches to warm up (before a show),” Demitro said. “I also have a lucky scarf/bracelet and I wear it for every show. Usually all the adrenaline just hits me once I get on stage and you can’t stop it from there.” 

The Velveteers are inspired by a lot of bands of varying styles, including Iggy Pop, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Yawper’s (Denver locals), Amy Winehouse, Queens of the Stone Age, and Rose Hill Drive.

 “We do what we want and if people dig it, that is awesome,” Demitro said.

This was The Velveteers second year playing at UMS after forming in Denver in November of 2014. They have upcoming shows on Aug. 7 at The Forge and Aug. 20 at Back Space

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