UMS: Plum, One Flew West, and Chemistry Club

PLUM When it comes to the band Plum, prepare yourself for a ride as the psychedelic-infused sounds transport you back to the 1970’s, complete with shaggy band members and lyrics about getting high to match. The mustachioed lead vocalist, Kyle Emerson Miller, was the epitome of 1970’s chic in his button down blouse, revealing a large medallion. As the 6 o’clock sun began its descent in the sky behind the UMS, the band was glowing, which only added to their groovy essence. With their Hendri- inspired guitar solos and far-out vibes, Plum rocked the Main Stage when they kicked off the second night of the Underground Music Showcase. Audiences shouting, “Plum Rules” began shaking out their sea legs after a long work week, swaying to the sounds of the band. When their set was over, there was an audible sigh from the crowd as Plum left the crowd wanting more. Plum has moved to LA this year after the release of the EP, Light Years, Dark Years.



Plum consists of Kyle Emerson Miller (Guitar/Vocals), Jake Supple (Bass/Vocals),Ty Baron (Keys/Guitar), and Dane Mark (Drums/ Percussion; former drummer for Fort Collins-based band Von Stomper).


One Flew West 

This band packs a punch in even the smallest of spaces. As a six-piece band, One Flew West thrashed around the stage like they owned the place and, by the look of their enthused audience, they did own it during their set. Even though two of their band members played in the walkway next to the stage, it did not seem to hold them back. The bassist, David Di Salvo, almost incited a “more cowbell” situation when he busted out the instrument and relentlessly whaled on it on top of the nearest booth. One Flew West proved they can appeal to all ages, as they covered the ever-popular angsty anthem, “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance. This energetic pack of artists is led by Linden Jackson, who can be identified by his theatrical performance on stage. They have been rocking the houses of Colorado locals through Channel 93.3 since 2014 and have a promising future ahead of them. These guys gave their all to the Underground Music Showcase, playing twice at the Irish Rover throughout the weekend and capping off a night at The Hornet as well. This band is soaring and were a 93.3 Hometown For the Holidays participant, frequent nominee in the Westword Music Awards, and made the Top 5 for 93.3’s Big Gig 2016 Locals.



One Flew West consists of Linden Jackson, Jonah Bartels, David Di Salvo, Dillon Mount, and Joe Pineda.


Chemistry Club

These guys really like science and they are not afraid to let you know. Their music fits the theme in a genre that can only be described as a unique type of sci-fi/pop that emanates from a laboratory. Unlike most clubs, Chemistry Club is non-exclusive and these guys want you to join the party. Dancing is encouraged as the lead singer busts out his own energetic moves. With an undertone of 80’s pop and heavy synthesizer action, the group has a sound similar to Jr. Jr. or Cherub mixed with 80’s hit listers like ABC, Tears for Fears, OMD…..the list continues. There is definitely an expert blend of old meets new and this brilliant, modern cocktail of sound is intoxicating. As winners of the 2016 Westword Music Showcase Award in the Dance Pop category, Chemistry Club is making large strides in the Colorado music scene. During their set at the Underground Music Showcase July 28-31, they shook up The Hornet with their experimental tunes. There was not a body in the house that stood still. These guys prove that Chemistry Club is where the cool kids are and where the music is reactive.



Band Members: Jeff Wiencrot, Dylan Camacho, Micah Daby, Jake Euler


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