SHEL Returns to FOCO for NewWestFest

Scene recently caught up with Eva Holbrook from the band, SHEL, a rising supergroup that started out right here in Fort Collins. The indie-folk, four sister band that brings together a mandolin, violin, piano, and drum set for a unique sound has been touring non-stop, recording singles, and will be found performing at NewWestFest this Saturday, August 13.

Here is what we asked Eva:


1. You’ve been many places nationally and internationally now as a band. What is it like to come home to Fort Collins for New West Fest?

Magical. We grew up going to New West Fest, so it’s a wonderful treat to return home and experience the love and hospitality of such a well-organized celebration of local community and music.

2. What are you looking forward to about this year’s festival?

Definitely the people and music. We always have a fair amount of family and friends come to town for the festivities, so playing in our hometown and exploring the festival together is one of the highlights of our year.

SHEL - band pic from back in Fort Collins CO

3. What is the band’s current focus creatively, performance-wise, and project-wise?

We’ve been touring since the beginning of the year, from Alaska to Germany, and coast to coast in the US, we’ll be on the road till winter. In our downtime, we’ve been filming a succession of music videos for our new album “Just Crazy Enough”, in fact the video for our first single You Could Be My Baby just premiered on American Songwriter.

4. How has the band evolved in the past year?

I think like most living things we’ve been too busy evolving to notice.

5. Talk about the recent album—-how is it different than other SHEL releases and what do you want people to know about it?

The key sonic difference is Dave Stewart’s contribution, but telling is spoiling. We like people to hear it and then ask questions so they can bring as much of their own emotion and interpretation to it as they please.

6. What can we expect from SHEL in coming months?

Our own expectations are constantly derailed by new opportunities and inspiration. We’ll be busy touring and creating till the holidays, what may happen between now and then is always impossible to say. We consider that part of the beauty of our job :)



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