KRFC 88.9 – The Cornerstone of the Music District

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By: Carie Gueswel

On March 1 2003, a local, non-commercial radio station founded by a team of dedicated community members, broadcasted live for the first time. The idea of a community-minded radio station tailored around promoting local music and supporting community events did not take shape overnight. It took 10 years of planning, fundraising, passion, and dedication to create a radio station that now, over two decades later, has established itself as one of the pillars of northern Colorado. With carefully crafted programming, volunteer commitment, and community support, KRFC 88.9fm has played a huge role in putting Colorado’s music scene on the map. This September, the radio station, with the help of donor support raised by their multi-phased Capital Campaign, will begin to upgrade their outdated equipment as part of their move into the newly constructed Music District.

When KRFC first started broadcasting over a decade ago, the local music scene was in its infancy and platforms for local musicians were limited. “One of the main pillars of KRFC back in 2003 was to support local music,” explains Brian Hughes, Executive Director, and General Manager of the radio satiation. Hughes goes on to say, “A lot of what we’ve played musically has been influenced by the local music scene; up to 25% of our entire playlist at times has featured local musicians.” Volunteer run programs like Live@Lunch, which airs weekdays from noon to 1 p.m. and features live music and interviews by local and touring musicians, has helped launch some of Colorado’s most well know bands into the national spotlight. Performers like Nathaniel Rateliff, The Lumineers, Maxwell Hughes, SHEL, and Pretty Lights, all got their start on the airwaves of KRFC.

The content that KRFC produces, shows like Live@Lunch, are all locally sourced and volunteer powered. Community content makes up one-hundred percent of what is heard over the airwaves, which sets KRFC apart from other radio stations. “We have people who have had 20 to 30 years of radio experience, and people who have no radio experience at all, that’s part of what we do. We provide the training and support for volunteers to make great radio,” says Hughes. The move to the Music District will give KRFC and its ever-growing number of volunteers the space they need to produce the content the community has come to expect from the radio station. The plan to create a world-class, state-of-the-art studio calls for upgrading outdated decades old equipment, implementing a new IT infrastructure, acquiring a new Tower and Transmitter, and staffing the work force needed to support KRFC.  These advancements will give the radio station the tools they need to provide the community with the best listening experience possible.

“Having the station as a cornerstone of the Music District makes so much sense. KRFC is an important part of the identify-incubate-mentor-launch-nurture-promote continuum that this important project represents,” Hughes concludes. KRFC needs community support in order to make all of this a reality.

To learn more about the radio station and the programming they provide visit, To learn more about KRFC’s multi-phased Capital Campaign and to make a donation please visit,

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