The Music District’s Focus on Community


Erin Roberts is The Music District’s Community Manager. Roberts offered some nuts-and-bolts details about The Music District’s focus and objectives as related to our community as a whole and what we can anticipate as the organization opens its doors this month.

Scene: What exactly is The Music District?

Roberts: The Music District is a hub for all things music related, a place where musicians can hone their technical skills, learn about the music business, or connect with innovators and creatives within the music industry. We’ll host events and workshops, offer practice spaces and gear trials, bring in guest artists for residencies, and connect musicians with an experienced community of industry professionals to help elevate their music careers.

Scene: Describe your role as Community Manager of The Music District.

Roberts: As the Community Manager at the Music District, I am responsible for helping develop and strengthen the connectivity and community of the Music District so that it becomes a welcoming, inclusive, collaborative and innovative hub of music activity. I’ll be working closely to support all of the folks that use and partner with the Music District, including the musicians, music instructors, visiting artists and the music businesses and creatives that help the Music District thrive.

Scene: What are you currently working on in terms of projects and what can we as the community expect from The Music District as you open this month?

Roberts: Right now I’m working to help the Music District solidify relationships with the individuals and businesses who will initially be occupying our tenant and co-working spaces. We’ll have an amazing mix of music professionals working side-by-side in the Long Building who are already contributing in great ways to the music ecosystem in Fort Collins and beyond, and who will also serve to support the internal community of visitors to the Music District. With a wealth of knowledge housed in our tenant spaces at the Music District, we’ll encourage our tenants to offer workshops, advising hours, or other career-boosting services to the Music District’s visitors.

KRFC is our first confirmed tenant in the Long Building, and having a solid professional background in community radio, I look forward to working with such an impactful community radio station. Other potential tenants include production and legal services, retail businesses, and a multimedia lab. We hope to welcome our tenants to the Music District as soon as September 1st!

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