ARISE FESTIVAL: An Unexpected Paradise

This year was my first Arise Festival and there’s no other way to start this story than to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was. I hate to admit it, but I just didn’t GET IT before heading up for Saturday and Sunday of Arise on a bright sunny day.  This festival had its fourth year this August at Sunrise Ranch outside of Masonville, CO and I cannot express how well run, organized, and fantastically fun it was. I just did NOT get the feeling of peace and harmony that exudes from this three-day event. It was the most chill vibe I have ever felt at a festival and I didn’t witness a single thing that was negative.
As a veteran festival goer for nearly 25 years, I have watched in abject horror some things going down and there was none of that at Arise. Multiple stages were alive with fantastic entertainment, there was a huge midway of booths full of cool clothes, jewelry, trade vendors, and then the food truck circle. One of my favorite stops was a coffeehouse inside of a massive tent. The space was decked out with relaxation and music areas, rugs, pillows, and incense burning. Besides offering respite from the sun, this environment was just a great way to duck out of the crowds and noise for a bit and regroup.
I also saw an act there, Samuel J, that provided really cool music and really captured the overarching theme of Arise: tribe. This was a festival where people of all ages and walks of life came together. They brought their kids, one guy had a cat on a leash, there were hoopers, stilt walkers, aerialists, dancers, the works.
There’s really no way to full describe Arise in a way that does it justice. It sounds cliche, but you just have to go and see it for yourself. Walking by huge art installations, a massive teepee trio, an EDM and lightshow club on wheels, a thumping EDM stage late at night…..then the campgrounds….Arise had something for everyone and I know that it is only going to keep getting better year after year.
This was Scene’s first year to host the “Rock the Scene Stage,” and fantastic acts from NoCo graced that tent, into the wee hours. From Lois and the Lantern to American Indian h13975445_1236077653098771_210141407262623939_oip hop artist Superman, this stage rocked and provided entertainment in between the Main Stage acts. No matter what your taste in music, this
a festival to check out because it’s
so much more than just stellar music.
There’s also yoga, meditation, eco-consciousness
workshops, a children’s festival, parades, deep soul meditation, and the work of a movement, a peaceful revolution, and a harmonious rising up to state that we are all one, we all have a voice, and we are going to work together to achieve great things as a world. Thank you, Arise. My eyes have been opened.

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