Sound Remedy: A Heartfelt Goodbye

Photo via James Cao

By: Kaia Femenías

Last Saturday, September 17th, brought tears to the eyes of many fans as 28-year-old DJ “Sound Remedy” performed his final concert in Colorado at the Mishawaka Amphitheater. As the sun went down, the venue became packed with dedicated fans determined to see the talented artist one last time.

When the young DJ announced his departure on Facebook, he left many with questions as to why he was leaving the music scene. Though his retirement seemed abrupt to his loyal fans, fans can certainly appreciate what Sound Remedy did throughout his career.  His music can be described as uplifting, inspiring, and emotional while relying on synth and bass-heavy sounds that transport his audience into an atmosphere that’s challenging to leave behind.

The night began with Bass Physics, an electronic dance music group out of Denver. Their set started out with a more rock and roll feel as Bass Physics features an electric guitar in several of their songs. However, when Sound Remedy took the stage, he opened with a “house feel”, featuring steady eight-counts and uplifting drops prior to entering his more well-known songs.  These must have been something of nostalgia for him, playing almost all of his best hits, and ending with his remix of the song “Medicine” by Daughter.

As the lights came on and he exited the stage, the crowd begged for an encore. Unable to resist, the beloved DJ came back for a few more songs, again ending with the song “Medicine.” With this, he interjected his love for Colorado, speaking about it being the only state where he can play his music without worrying about sales, and rather play for the sake of the music. Upon a delightful uproar from the crowd, Sound Remedy concluded by saying “This is the last time I will play this song, ever!”  With this bittersweet ending, the night will be remembered for years to come.

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