Marley Visits Denver—Both for Music and Marijuana

Photo by Robin and Leswig Shaffer

By:Robin Shaffer

Marley. Music. Marijuana. These three are often thought of together. This symbiosis was certainly in evidence this past weekend as Damian Marley was in Denver last Thursday to celebrate the opening of his new dispensary, Stony Hill, a part of TruCannabis.  Marley also performed in support of his new album on Friday night at Fox Theater in Boulder.

Grammy winning artist Damian Marley, aka Jr. Gong, appeared with his band in a cloud of smoke, a fury of fiery lyrics, powerful rhythms, fierce backup singers, and the wisdom and message of the most important man in Reggae history— Bob Marley.

The show on Friday night was opened by the delightful DJ Rasserella, followed by the English-born, Bronx-reared Jamaican artist Shinehead. Shinehead, a veteran of the crossover, well steeped in the culture, played a set that was tight, hot, and an encouraging precursor to the reggae fusion to follow.

Owen Davis, better known as Black-Am-I, from the Ghetto Youths International camp (another Marley based joint) took the stage next. His cool moves and crooner voice were full of energy and sensuality. His conscious lyrics and captivating personal style were transporting. His set was over too soon.

Damian Marley took the stage like a storm of fire. Benevolent fire. Opening with Sun is Shining, and Confrontation, he moved through his set with determination, playing a mix of his own and his father’s music. He included Nail Pon Cross, a song on the new album which is expected to drop in January 2017.

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