Dead Floyd is a celebration of the music of two of rock and roll’s greatest bands, The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, mashed together into one high-energy, unpredictable show. Drawing from both extensive catalogs of music, the Dead Floyd performances include early rarities to modern classics and everything in between. The love of the music of both bands inspires Dead Floyd to uniquely interpret the songs in a way that […]



By: Ali Owens If you’ve spent any amount of time paying attention, chances are good you’ve caught wind of a catchy song called “On My Way,” by up-and-coming folk group Pandas & People. It’s a little bit Mumford and Sons, a little bit Lumineers, and a whole lot of rhythmically driven, foot-tapping goodness. And, incidentally, it was also written when Pandas & People’s two founding members, Joshua Scheer and Johnny […]

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Nadalands – The Last Days LP

By: Jeremy Fleischer ****4 out of 5 stars**** These days, in these United States, we all seem to have reasons for believing the future is bleak. There’s a grab bag of reasons: terrorism, global climate change, Donald Trump, cops shooting unarmed kids, etc., etc. Fort Collins songwriter John Lindenbaum clearly has a collection of his own reasons why we’re fucked, and he’s spent this last year releasing some astounding music […]

The Subdudes – 4 on the Floor

By: Jeremy Fleischer ****3 out of 5 stars**** The Subdudes’ collection of music, which spans 10 albums and nearly three decades, is a gumbo of American roots music. In fact, if someone were teaching a class on American music, they could just reference the catalogue, finding rock, gospel, country soul, New Orleans R&B, and Zydeco. This makes sense: The band was formed in New Orleans, birthplace of jazz, and now […]

Bronze – Ameritrocities

By: Jeremy Fleischer *****4 out of 5 stars***** On Ameritrocities, Fort Collins sludge metal band Bronze looms large. Tackling such topics as finding the Zodiac Killer and the culinary preferences of the Donner Party, this album lives in the lowlands of bass and chunky riffs, a la Melvins, with a huge sound that demands a wide stance. This is music that is intentionally hyperbolic, and over-the-top. Bronze are the giants […]

13 Nails – American Grindhouse

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2 out of 5 stars Fort Collins horror rock band 13 Nails hope to scare the bejeezus out of you with their first LP, American Grindhouse. And to that end, they succeed. Songs with titles like “Screams From The Grave” and “Dead Girls Like to Party” are abrasive scream tracks that balance the line between all out noise and solid groove-riff punk. It’s chaotic, menacing, teeming with horror […]



By: Doug Uscher Thanksgiving is upon us again, and if you’ve been invited somewhere, the first question you should ask is, “what can I bring?” A good guest never shows up empty handed, especially at Thanksgiving. Your options are many, but an appetizer, side dish, or dessert are all safe bets. Add something tasty to drink, and you’ll be a guest who’s going to get invited back again. For an […]

Music News

Jeff Finlin Transcends the Senses

By: Rebecca Lapole What do yoga, poetry, philosophy, and music have in common? Singer-songwriter Jeff Finlin.  “My path has all been yoga and sobriety since 1997: almost 20 years,” Finlin explained. “Transcending that wall of alcoholism and the way I was brought up; the only way I could do it was through yoga. It worked for me.” Finlin self-published 365 Days of Recovery Yoga and is offering workshops and setting people […]


THE BEEVES: Punk, Surf, Rock, and Everything In Between

By: Avalon Clare A chance encounter brought a trio of rock ‘n’ roll teenagers crashing into my life. I had driven to see a friend’s band at The Forge: a small venue in an industrial area on the outskirts of Boulder. I made the drive for The Kominas, a desi-punk band from the East Coast, but the young band that followed them instantly captured my interest. I stood in the […]


Home for the Holidays: A Guide to Weed and Family

By: HOLLY HIGHLIFE Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays, unless your home is the destination for a passel of relatives who don’t share your views on cannabis. For a long time, this kind of stealth required a great deal of effort and some stupid human tricks. I know of two friends who’ve fallen into toilets when the seat collapsed while they were blowing smoke at the bathroom […]