ALBUM REVIEW: Rawtune – Cut My Leash

By: Jeremy Fleischer


Those old enough to go to parties in the ’90s have likely seen their share of bands like Rawtune. Amidst a thick haze of weed and Camel Light smoke, holding a PBR drawn from a free keg, we watched a parade of bands all inspired by the reggae rock of Sublime and 311. Those were good times.

If Rawtune had been around during this era, they likely would have been a solid headliner. And it’s hard not to imagine a live Rawtune performance today as a stoner dance fest, even if the audience is mostly new-to-Colorado bros. But the reggae-rock sound has not aged well, and the Rawtune album Cut the Leash, as a result, feels dated. This music live is likely super exciting, but recorded it falls a bit flat, one song bleeding into the bouncey next.

What saves the album, however, is Rawtune’s adherence to reggae as the root sound. They don’t meander off into hip-hop, or overstate that they can rock. Rawtune sings and performs reggae with confidence, and a bit of rock. Perhaps the ’90s are so far removed a whole new generation will discover the sweet spot when reggae meets rock. If so, Rawtune will be their band.


  1. For starters… How do I trust an album review when the name is clearly on the cover worded differently than your article? And have you ever seen these dudes live? Clearly you have not because you sure are wrong when it comes to your musings on their live show. Trash review, trying to be edgy and give half-ass reviews is pushing listeners away due to your general lack of underatanding. Nice way to make sure I never read Scene album reviews again.

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