ALBUM REVIEWS: HR People – Lover Man EP

By: Jeremy Fleischer


The latest EP from Denver’s HR People affirms why this is one of the most exciting bands working in Colorado right now. On paper, there’s not much excitement: They blend hip-hop, soul and rock, as many bands do. But damn, they do it so well!

HR People music is fun, pop-catchy, super sexy-cool, and funky, but with a depth of soul often absent from pop music. It oozes with creativity, from lyrical surprises like a well-placed “tsk-tsk” to musical flourishes like whistling and bells. The brilliance is in the production and arrangements; as surprising as these creative moments are, they always feel organic to the song. While they don’t necessarily sound like the Talking Heads, they have that quality of balancing a great danceable pop hit with a work of artistry and soul.

This is a Colorado band that could write a hit. On this EP, most notably is “Black Widow.” This bluesy, funky number also has a certain disco quality to it reminiscent of how the Scissor Sisters could make rock music with a mirror-ball quality. It’s infectious without being cloyingly pop-y. Then, take “Lover Man,” a hip-hop song featuring bells and a lonesome whistle along with synth. This is a song you listen to intently, wondering what they will do next. Then, before you know you realize it, the song has latched on to you. And rather than shake it off, you gladly carry it through your day.

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