By: Ali Owens

Behind every good beer, there’s a story – and as the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, there are a lot of good beers to choose from.  Below are the unnerving, spooky and completely true* legends that inspired some of Northern Colorado’s most delightfully indulgent dark beers.


Welcome To The Dark Side Chocolate Malt Stout

In 17th-century England, there lived a brewer named Dudley intent on creating the perfect stout. Day and night he toiled, year after year, obsessed with finding just the right recipe. And finally, one stormy autumn evening, Dudley sipped his latest batch and realized he’d done it – he’d created the perfect stout. As soon as the liquid met his tongue, however, his overworked brain was unable to handle its superior quality. He went mad, abandoned his brewery, and took to lurking in dark alleyways, foraging for food and terrorizing the townspeople.

Recently, the recipe was found, and Coopersmiths decided to re-create it. Fortunately, no one went mad during the process, and now, Welcome To The Dark Side is available seasonally. With its creamy, dark-chocolate bitterness derived from the cocoa nibs upon which it is aged, it is a fine tribute to the stout that sent poor Dudley to a dark side of his own.


Bearcrusher Russian Imperial Stout

Long ago, near a rural Russian village, there was a vast wood so deep and cold that few had ventured into it – and none had returned. In the forest lived the largest and most vicious bear anyone had ever seen: a beast capable of tearing down entire homes with just a few swipes of its paw. The townsfolk lived in fear of it. One day, two mysterious strangers rode into town. Upon hearing of the giant bear, they set off into the forest, located its lair, and engaged it in a fierce battle that lasted three days and three nights. The two strangers returned from the forest victorious, having slain the bear and saved the village.

Bearcrusher is a nod to those courageous warriors. It is aged in red wine barrels, giving it a warm essence of dried fruit that nicely complements the notes of bitter cacao and toasted almond.


Master Thief German Porter

Legend has it that the most skillful thief in the world was a

19th-century German woman named Isolda. So great was her talent, it was said there was nothing she could not steal. One night, she infiltrated the Emperor’s palace and left with a priceless sapphire. Unbeknownst to her, however, the angry spirit of an ancient sorcerer had been trapped within the stone, and upon removing it from its pedestal, the spell was broken. The ghost exited the stone and instead trapped Isolda inside it. The whereabouts of the sapphire remain unknown.

Master Thief German Porter, a delicious ode to poor Isolda and her fate, boasts beautiful chocolate aromas and smooth, bitter flavors of malt and pecan.

Feeling scared yet? Bottoms up! *Actually 100% false

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