Mobina Galore w/ Senorita Sometimes


Visitors from the North, Gunner Records’ Canadian power chord punk rock duo Mobina Galore will visit Surfside 7, joined by locals Senorita Sometimes, for a show that is guaranteed to make a random Wednesday stand out in your October calendar. Comprised of Jenna on guitar/vocals and Marcia on drums/vocals, Mobina Galore has had success being named one of Canada’s Top 15 Punk Bands (CBC Radio 3) in 2015 and are getting ready to tour as support for Against Me! in December 2016 for 16 dates in the UK and Europe. Often compared to the likes of The Distillers and L7, Mobina Galore holds nothing back when they hit the stage. It’s loud, it’s aggressive, and it’s meaningful. Catch this show if you’re ready to throw down. Surfside 7, October 5, $7, 9 pm. surfsideseven.com

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