No Evidence of Disease Educates While Rocking Out

By: Kaia Femenías

What do you call a group of six determined gynecologic oncology surgeons in a rock band? N.E.D. or No Evidence of Disease. While the music of N.E.D. may be that which attracts attention center stage, the motivation behind this ensemble serves a far greater purpose than simply music. Gathered from across the country, this group strives to provide an educational aspect within their concerts, focusing on women’s cancers. Although the band initially came together to simply entertain fellow doctors at a medical conference, they came to realize their potential to deliver a powerful message through music.

Being doctors, N.E.D isn’t able to tour in the same manner as other bands.  As a result, they will be playing their first show in Colorado on Saturday, September 8th in the Agave Room above the Rio in Fort Collins, CO. All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of their new CD, the second album of original music released by N.E.D.

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