Off Stage with Bass Physics

By: Kaia Femenías

Bass Physics, an electronic duo out of Denver, Colorado recently embarked on a tour of the midwest, leaving behind their familiar territory to astound the rest of the country with a very unique sound.  The group is comprised of A.P Adair and Luke Sims, both raised in Colorado.  The music of Bass Physics is a one-way ticket to melodic soundscapes intertwined with a rock and roll sound that has gotten our home state on its feet!

Speaking with A.P Adair-

When did you begin to create music?

We actually began creating music in 2012, it was right after we got done with our first year of college we came together that summer and created the track called “Loco,” and we just decided from then on it was something we really enjoyed doing. So we kept going with that, we’ve been doing it for three and a half years now, almost four and we’ve done a lot of cool things with it and we’ve been to a lot of really cool places.


What has been your main source of inspiration when creating music?

I think we like to go off of events in our lives that make us feel emotion and power, whether it’s death in the family or a friend or one of our close childhood friends getting married or having a baby or anything like that, anything that’s really powerful in life we try to capture the emotion that we feel from it and try to project it onto our listeners.


How would you describe your music? On your website biography, there is something described as “Soul-Step,” what is that?

Usually we say it’s melodic, electronic rock music. What soul-step says to me is really soulful, electronic bass beats. I think that it captures it pretty well, but one thing about our music is that not everything is the same style and we try and branch out and try different things and challenge ourselves as musicians. We do try to make different sounding tracks all the time as well.


What’s been your most memorable performance?

I think for both of us it would have to be Red Rocks. We opened for Savoy and just the feeling of growing up in Colorado and getting to see shows there throughout our childhood and then one day stepping on that stage to play our own music that we’ve created is really surreal and it’s something you can’t take for granted, you have to be really grateful for that moment.


What do you want your fans to know about you as artists?

Well we’re both really different from each other, and I think that our energies come together into synergy, which is the name of one of our tracks, but we use two different styles and methods of going about doing things throughout our day and then come together to create this synergy basically which has furthered us as Bass Physics. We have to work constantly to keep that relationship going and I think that it’s a dynamic that helps create beauty, just having two different sides come together as one.


How has touring been for you?

We love it. It’s honestly our favorite thing to do. The feeling of waking up in the morning and just driving to the next city to play another show and get that feeling of stepping on stage again is amazing. It’s a lot of fun and our tour manager, Shane literally takes care of everything, so shout out to him.


In what direction do you see your music going?

The live instrumentation over hard-hitting electronic beats is where the industry is headed in general, and I think it’s going to go in a melodic, beautiful direction but at the same time with a hard hitting baseline.


What about personal goals as musicians?

I love Bass Physics, but like every musician I think we’ll branch out to other things while keeping Bass Physics alive.



Bass Physics will be headlining Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on Friday, November 25th.  If you are interested in funky, euphoric, music that’ll take you elsewhere, this is your night! Tickets can be found at


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