NastyNasty, Sayer, and G Jones Pay a Visit to The Aggie Theatre

By: Kaia Femenías

On Saturday, November 5th, The Aggie will be housing another bass filled lineup.  The evening will begin with NastyNasty, delivering a dubstep and trap sound, along with Sayer and G Jones, both well-established DJs within the world of Bass Music. G Jones has recently released a song called “Mind Tricks” on Bassnectar’s new EP “Unlimited,” grabbing the attention of bass lovers everywhere.  An attendee can expect to immerse themselves into a crowd bouncing to a combination of both Trap and Bass Music, getting down to loud, “dirty” drops that will shake the walls of the Aggie Theatre.  One may consider bringing headphones because when this show hits, it’s going to do so LOUD, and HARD.

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