ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Nadalands – The Last Days LP

By: Jeremy Fleischer

****4 out of 5 stars****

These days, in these United States, we all seem to have reasons for believing the future is bleak. There’s a grab bag of reasons: terrorism, global climate change, Donald Trump, cops shooting unarmed kids, etc., etc. Fort Collins songwriter John Lindenbaum clearly has a collection of his own reasons why we’re fucked, and he’s spent this last year releasing some astounding music with literary lyrics telling rich dystopian tales. Earlier, as the duo The Lonelyhearts, he released Age of Man. And now, as Nadalands, featuring a line-up of notable local players, he makes his vision more concise with The Last Days LP.

Those who’ve ever had a literature class are familiar with the term “unpack.” Some art is so dense it must be slowly peeled back, layer by layer, to get to the core meaning. This Nadalands album requires the same unpacking demanded by a collection of short stories contributing to a larger allegory. He covers the personal, the political, and the magnitude of the sun and oceans. All this literary density is delivered with indie rock so compelling and creative, the music is satisfying even with a surface listening. Truly, Lindenbaum is establishing himself among the best songwriters working in Colorado, and The Last Days LP furthers that mission. Just hope the world is still around for his next release.

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