THE BEEVES: Punk, Surf, Rock, and Everything In Between

By: Avalon Clare

A chance encounter brought a trio of rock ‘n’ roll teenagers crashing into my life. I had driven to see a friend’s band at The Forge: a small venue in an industrial area on the outskirts of Boulder. I made the drive for The Kominas, a desi-punk band from the East Coast, but the young band that followed them instantly captured my interest.

I stood in the back of the DIY venue and watched these three kids wreck the stage with a ferocious energy so punk I had to pick the pieces of my jaded outlook off the dirty floor. Who were these tall, gaunt boys with shaggy hair and cheekbones for days? I caught up with them on a sunny afternoon outside the Downtown Artery to find out.

The Beeves are Will Erhart (17), Ian Erhart (19), and Matthew Sease (18), a boisterous trio who grew up together in the small town of Erie, Colorado. Will and Ian are brothers, and Matthew is almost a brother, or rather, the “best best friend forever” of Ian.

Ian and Matthew formed their first band, the Purple Zebras, in the 6th grade. They wrote parody songs about their teachers and passed out homemade recordings at school. Two years ago they decided to get serious about being in a band, and that meant they needed a drummer. They asked Ian’s younger brother Will to do it. Luckily he took to it naturally, or as Ian put it, “like a spaghetti monster.” With Will as their drummer, they started busking on Pearl Street and became The Beeves.

As I sat with them outside the Artery, I counspecified-7nfessed how impressed I was with their varied sound. They seemed to effortlessly mix the laid-back cool of surf rock with the fast pounding accuracy of punk, even singing some politically charged lyrics.


But as much as their sound impressed me, it was their raw energy that made the show. It felt like they played 30 songs in 20 minutes, in part because Ian and Matt shared lead vocal responsibilities. They climbed and bounced all around the room, switching instruments like musical chairs. After finishing a political song involving crowd participation, Ian stuck his neck out and said, “thanks for swallowing our ideology.”

Once I was through with my excessive slew of adjectives, they thanked me but said that wasn’t what they were going for. So what are they going for? Rock ‘n’ roll. If they don’t feel it, they don’t write it — and that approach keeps their sound and lyrics verging on the absurd. The Beeves are undoubtedly goofy, but their music is not meaningless.

They played their first show as a full band in January of this year, and since then they have covered a lot of ground. In the subsequent months they’ve started a music festival in their hometown called the Beever Bash, gone on a three-show and 11 day tour with fellow teen band Meeting House, and most recently they’ve wrapped up recording their first release. The six-song self titled EP features newer songs; songs they’re proud of (not the ones they wrote in 6th grade).

The Beeves aren’t just serious about being a band, they’re serious about having fun. And they do it well. Don’t miss their CD release show November 25th at 7th Circle in Denver with Meeting House and The Velveteers.

Band information: Instagram: @thebeeves

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