Bronze – Ameritrocities

By: Jeremy Fleischer

*****4 out of 5 stars*****

On Ameritrocities, Fort Collins sludge metal band Bronze looms large. Tackling such topics as finding the Zodiac Killer and the culinary preferences of the Donner Party, this album lives in the lowlands of bass and chunky riffs, a la Melvins, with a huge sound that demands a wide stance. This is music that is intentionally hyperbolic, and over-the-top. Bronze are the giants of “Game of Thrones,” marching into battle with earthquake steps as mere humans scurry around them. We are the humans, made bigger by simple proximity to Bronze. At shows, you would surely see double-handed fist pumping and perhaps even some chest pounding. The rumble will be felt in your chest as you think, yeah, I too would like to know who the Zodiac Killer really is.

The essence of Bronze music can be traced directly back to Black Sabbath’s transformation of blues into something more carnal. But they make their way to Black Sabbath through the ’90s stoner and sludge metal lenses. Listeners won’t find anything surprising here—this is not a novel reimagining, rather a competent reinforcement of a sound not often interpreted. If you’re a fan of this style, you will love Bronze. If not, be on your merry way. I happen to love this sound, and think Bronze is a great representation of what this style of metal can and should be.

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