Home for the Holidays: A Guide to Weed and Family


Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays, unless your home is the destination for a passel of relatives who don’t share your views on cannabis.

For a long time, this kind of stealth required a great deal of effort and some stupid human tricks. I know of two friends who’ve fallen into toilets when the seat collapsed while they were blowing smoke at the bathroom fan. Really folks?

And then there is the “silencer” or “sploof” as some call it. (The name silencer is just plain confusing. We’re dealing with smell not sound!) No matter what you call it, a cardboard tube or plastic pop bottle filled with dryer sheets has never really contained the odor and only creates April Spring ganja smoke.

Incense? Dead giveaway. Especially Nag Champa.

Fortunately, modern cannabis consumer products have got you covered this holiday season.

The most obvious answer to the smoke issue is edibles. They’re small, discreet, and delicious! A wide array of edibles including, cookies, candies, chocolate, granola, and nuts are available.

On the downside, you don’t want to be caught with chocolate you can’t share or have to cram the entire bar into your mouth to avoid sharing. Either case could lead to disaster. Consume your edibles privately.

But what if, like me, edibles are not really your fav? The most exciting new product on market is the PAX Era vaporizer made specifically for concentrate. The live resin concentrate comes in a small, disposable pod. It reminds me of a K-cup for concentrate. No mess, pure bliss.

In the live resin extraction process, the plants are frozen and the trichomes are harvested. “It produces a very nice product,” says Maka Kala’i of Organic Alternatives.

PAX has a great record for producing long-lasting, quality vaporizers for smoking flowers. I’ve owned the original PAX for years and it does a great job. Just be prepared to dispose of the spent material discreetly.

These vaporizers are small, but not as discreet as a vape pen. When smoking flowers in your vape, there will be some odor. It’s the perfect time to invest in a festive holiday candle! It won’t hurt to have a small can of Ozium too.

Organic Alternatives has expanded and refined its line of vape pens to include RxGreen, O.Pen Vape and NEOS pens and cartridges. Many of the pens now have adjustable temps to adjust to product needs. Although the vapors dissipate quickly, keep the candle handy.

THC is also available in pill or capsule form. Who could complain about you taking your herbal supplements? The most popular are the 10-milligram “pilots” by RxGreen but many choices are available.

THC and CBD patches are also discreet. “The transdermal patches can be really nice,” says Kala’i. “To work best they need to be in a ‘veiny area.’”

Want to toast the holidays canna-style? Organic Alternatives has a number of beverages to fit the bill. Dixie Elixir and CannaPunch contain multiple servings, while Kief Cola provides a single serving. Pour a can over ice and voila- — stealth cola.

As the holiday season begins, check out the many ways to put away the pipe or bong and still enjoy your buzz.

Or as a friend recently found out, his relatives demanded a trip to the dispensary and are now joining in on the fun. Truthfully, I’m not sure I want to see my relatives high. Just saying.

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