Passion Project Turns Professional : Hudson Bloom, JETBLACK Film Co.

Hudson Bloom

By: Sean Waters

We’ve known for a while that Fort Collins is a great place for bikes, beards, and beers. And we’ve long celebrated the vibrant music and creative arts scene here. But I, for one, did not realize that Fort Collins was becoming a home for professional video and film production. I sat down with Hudson Bloom, the founder of JETBLACK Film Co., to learn more about the “Visual District” of working film and photography businesses.

Curious about the film production scene I wondered: how and when did Hudson, a local 22-year-old, begin to turn his passion into a full-time profession?  What did our local market have to do with it?

Turns out that Hudson graduated Rocky Mountain High School in 2012 and went to CU Boulder to study film.  This naturally turned to an interest in marketing, advertising, and music videos. As he started shooting video for his friends, he nurtured a fascination with video’s ability to tell short powerful cinematic stories.

Building a network of relationships with great creative talent, Hudson completed his first major production—a passion-project music video for “Karma” by Shatterproof – in 2015.  And “Karma” is impressive.  With a team of 20 people and months of editing, Hudson got a taste for the full-production quality that is possible with his dedicated team. “Once I did a production of that scale, it was hard to look back,” he recalls.

In July 2016, Bloom organized a smaller team to enter a national competition sponsored by The Meth Project. Even though he had little time to put the shoot together, Hudson knew that The Meth Project was a perfect opportunity to utilize his passion for making videos that are direct, honest, and emotionally effective. His team’s video, titled “Siblings,” beat over 120 other national submissions and he was awarded with a $20,000 prize. And he’s ecstatic.

This prize gave him the seed money to jumpstart his own film company, JETBLACK Film Co., which focuses on cinematic full-service video production for small businesses and brands. Hudson emphasizes that JETBLACK is “here to not just make money, but to create really great art.” Bloom laughs as he remembers the quote “being a creative is about getting other people to care about your obsessions.” For Bloom, this means always working to create stellar content.  It’s working.

Renting an office space in The Articulate, with other film, video, and photography businesses such as PhoCo, V3, and BlueShoe, JETBLACK is building a niche brand as full-production video storytellers.

Will his business help the Colorado film and video scene gain more national exposure as an up-and-coming destination for the creative arts? “It does feel like the word is getting out that Denver and Fort Collins are becoming hubs for young artists who are following their passion-projects as a way of life and business,” Bloom stated.

For more information, email or check out and @jetblackfilmco. 970.222.1161.


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