Catch Darlingside at The Armory!

The Massachusetts-based ensemble Darlingside will be in Fort Collins tomorrow performing at The Armory.

“Pesticide is used to kill pests. Fratricide is when you kill your brother,” explains Darlingside’s Dave Senft on Darlingside’s website. “A former teacher of ours used to say ‘kill your darlings,’ which is to say, if you fall in love with something you’ve written you should cross it out. We like that idea and we thought a good name for it might be ‘darlingcide’, but we changed the ‘c’ to an ‘s’ because we’re not super into death.”  This genius quote from Senft alone gives us a pretty good idea of the wry wit, and playfulness we can expect from the band.

Darlingside, composed of Don Mitchell, Auyon Mukharji, Harris Paseltiner, and David Senft, have brought intelligent and moving lyrics to their listeners with their latest album “Birds Say”. The band’s music “takes cues from 60s folk, chamber pop, bluegrass, classical music, and modern indie rock,” all while surpassing any harmonies one could hope for.

The band has been working diligently for the last three years to put out “Birds Say”, an album everyone should be sure to check out—LIVE tomorrow evening. 

The band will be performing with The Haunted Windchimes, who also bear a traditional folk and blues sound.

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