Music Standing with Standing Rock

Photo via I stand With Standing Rock Facebook

By: Kaia Femenias

While Fort Collins has no shortage of enticing concerts, November 27th will bring underlying purpose to Hodi’s Half Note with an event taking place in several other venues nationwide known as “Stand with Standing Rock.”  

The evening will bring in local favorites like Elise Wunder, The Young Ancients, More Than Physics, and Tall Grass together for an evening of solidarity and support for those in midst of the Standing Rock controversy.  

The  pipeline known as the Dakota Access Pipeline proposed by Energy Transfer Partners would make its way under the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, as well as Lake Oahe, a body of water held sacred by Native Americans in the area.

This controversial issue continues to  grab the attention of many due to the hazards it poses to the purity of the water, as well as the underlying morals of continuing to take from those who were here far before Europeans arrived. The conflict at hand is being waged in peaceful protests by those who are occupying the area, yet protesters have not been met with the same level of serenity. Alternate media has broadcasted videos and articles of police stepping on the faces of protesters, placing them in cages, and using pepper spray as a means to control the situation.

Circumstances are seemingly grim, but the tremendous amount of hope and concern shown by so many has certainly counteracted some of the dismay, erupting with the usage of # NoDAPL (No Dakota Access Pipeline) spreading the word across social media.

Stand with Standing Rock will be $15. All proceeds will go to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. 

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