By: Lennix Parker

Colorado has a plethora of extremely talented musicians and Brent Cowles, formerly of You Me & Apollo, is most definitely a member of that exclusive club. With a raw, rich, and unique voice that seems to transcend common surroundings and a Colorado (albeit tinged with Tennessee roots) upbringing, Cowles is an American rock force that is aggressively and steadily rising. His recent debut single, “Cold Times,” is the first from an upcoming andmuch anticipated EP, due sometime in the spring of 2017.

Photo via Kirsten Cohen Photography
Photo via Kirsten Cohen Photography

We hate to compare artists to other artists, but it’s nearly impossible to not think of everyone from Sam Cooke to Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes when you hear this song. There is elegance and repertoire being showcased, with a splash of grit and a soaring falsetto and wide vocal range that makes this, and other recordings of Cowles’, notable. It’s catchy, yet its foundation lies in deeper meaning, heavier tone than you might detect at first. The level of soul that Cowles brings to the studio is impressive, but its the live show experience that truly ignites the hearts and minds of fans young and old. There is something otherworldly about Cowles, a gentle and softspoken man who explodes on stage and delivers an edge that still remains warm and connected to the listener. 

“Cold Times is about the exclusivity we’ve created as a society. We’ve been divided and forced to pick sides. We’re distracted from what is important by the screens we glue our faces to. We need to recognize the horrible to initiate change, and appreciate the beautiful. The times feel cold. Let’s feel cold together.” -Brent Cowles

This is not just an artist to watch, this is an artist to cherish. Cowles is Colorado’s troubadour, its soul child, and one of its treasured hallmarks of a rich and vast musical landscape that calls this place home.


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