by: Jeremy Fleischer


The Kind Dub Krew are some busy mofos. Along with an apparel line and a video production “department,” the hip-hop Krew still finds time to record music. But does building a ganja-preneurial empire shove the music to the backseat? Year of the Dragonfly is here to cast any doubt where the Krew’s priorities are.

On past releases, Kind Dub showed a penchant for juvenile pot puns with songs like “Weed the People” and “Mt. Puffmore.” It wasn’t all jokes, and the production, featuring live instruments, was world class, but it lacked a certain maturity to elevate the music to the level it deserved. Year of the Dragonfly delivers a more mature, more serious Kind Dub, and it’s their best effort yet. The music shows how a talented hip-hop producer is on par with a composer who also plays first chair. The beats pay respect to “real hip hop” while also showing a dynamic, creative approach with impressive musicality; the bass line is most often played on electric bass guitar, creating a melodic thump. The rhymes on Year of the Dragonfly mostly leave pot jokes behind, instead musing thoughtfully about politics, personal strife, and spiritual yearning. This is an inspirational, down-tempo album for the thoughtful dabhead, and a leap in the right direction for Kind Dub music and Colorado hip-hop.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Kind Dub at Kind Dub Studios, Fort Collins, CO

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