by: Jeremy Fleischer

Let’s get something straight: Rarely do music nerds give pop music the respect it deserves. Something isn’t amazing simply because it’s so damn niched out that only a few folks will like it. Sometimes there are artists whose talents can be appreciated by many without sacrificing quality, and that is an awesome feat. Shaley Scott is one such artist.

Past releases from Shaley Scott prove she is a solid piano player who possesses a truly authentic and sultry voice, and has a strong songwriter’s sense for creating music with both depth and pop appeal. Currently, she is working on a new LP, Radiate, due in late spring, 2017. But she recently shared the new single, Careful. This track sheds all of the adult contemporary, singer-songwriter elements found in other works to reveal a dazzling disco queen. Careful is fun and infectious, like a great pop song should be. It’s a promising first single that should build anticipation for her first full-length release. I only hope that she hasn’t entirely abandoned her singer-songwriter side and that the album will show her ability for creating a full range of moods. One can imagine Careful being followed by a piano ballad on a stellar album. In any case, Shaley Scott has captured our attention and left us waiting for more.

Produced by Anthony Lavin, Killian Cruiser Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Mixed and mastered by Kris Smith, Bridgeway Recording, Fort Collins, CO. Label: Sugarfox Records, Ltd.

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