MUSIC GO ROUND: Giving Back To Community, Musicians

By: Dawn Duncan

When Brandon Barrios became a Music Go Round franchise in 2014 and opened the Fort Collins store, he embarked on a journey that reminded him of his upbringing in Orlando, FL. There, the budding multi-instrumentalist discovered a local shop that specialized in selling used musical instruments. Because of that store and the couple who owned it, Barrios was given access to instruments and opportunity that would have been cost-prohibitive otherwise. Over the years, Barrios became skilled in trombone, as well as drums and bass and played in bands throughout college as well as sporadically since. Mainly, his four years spent in an Orlando-based ska band playing trombone showcased the skills he honed over several years of playing in everything from orchestra, jazz, and brass groups.

Now, two years into owning Music Go Round’s Fort Collins location, Barrios has built a reputation for featuring a vast selection of used instruments along with being a charitable, “ready to help” kind of guy admired by musicians and businesses alike. This year, Barrios will be providing backline for Scene Magazine’s 3rd Annual Fresh Talent Showcase on December 4 at Hodi’s, where 10 selected newer acts from our region will compete to win the January cover of Scene, a cover story, recording time in a professional studio, and a slot to play the 2017 Arise Festival as part of the Scene stage. In addition to the Fresh Talent Showcase, Barrios also ran sound at Scene’s stage at the Arise Festival this year, assisted with the Staging Youth Showcase, KRFC events, and several Blue Star Connection activities. Also, in 2015, Music Go Round collected and donated three car loads of supplies to Homeless Gear and 77 pounds of food to the Food Bank of Larimer County in their Black Friday promotion.

“I like helping bands out because when I was younger and living in Florida, we didn’t have a support system like there is here. I was playing in bands for 12 years and had no assistance. We were just forced to figure things out and make mistakes over and over again. There weren’t opportunities or people around to help us. Here, there are resources and I like being one of them,” Barrios commented.

Currently, Music Go Round is in the midst of some very positive changes. The store will have a grand reopening in the New Year to show off their soon to be completed store expansion and increased drum selection. The 1,278 square foot expansion they are doing will bring them to 5,400 square feet total. Along with the drum inventory being significantly increased, the store’s arrangement will also change for the better.

To learn more about Music Go Round, visit the store at 2925 South College Avenue, Fort Collins. 970.204.9262. or

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