Holiday Stress Relief, Verboten Style

By: Ali Owens I’m going to be real for a minute, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to face the facts. I mean, we all – most of us, anyway – appreciate the holiday season. What’s not to love, after all? It’s the season of giving, of twinkling lights, of coming together in celebration. The season of boughs of holly, sleigh bells a’jingling, joy, happiness, and love. The season when people bring […]


New Year’s Eve Events

Mishawaka 2016 has without a doubt been the biggest year in the Mishawaka’s hundred year history. The venue will close this monumental year with an intimate New Year’s Eve performance from Shakedown Street, Colorado’s premier Grateful Dead tribute band. All ticket buyers will be entitled to a complimentary champagne toast at midnight and prime rib will be on special in the restaurant. This performance will close out the Mishawaka’s first […]

Jay & Silent Bob Get Real

by Rachael E. Worthington Who are Jay & Silent Bob? Fictional comedy characters invented by writer/filmmaker/actor Kevin Smith. Played by Smith himself and Jason Mewes, they’ve appeared in cult-classics Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma and the like, all penned by Smith. Smith and Mewes transition from film to the stage for a live recording of their #1 ranked podcast “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” at the Lincoln Center December 13. As […]


by: Jeremy Fleischer Let’s get something straight: Rarely do music nerds give pop music the respect it deserves. Something isn’t amazing simply because it’s so damn niched out that only a few folks will like it. Sometimes there are artists whose talents can be appreciated by many without sacrificing quality, and that is an awesome feat. Shaley Scott is one such artist. Past releases from Shaley Scott prove she is […]


by: Jeremy Fleischer ALBUM OF THE MONTH The Kind Dub Krew are some busy mofos. Along with an apparel line and a video production “department,” the hip-hop Krew still finds time to record music. But does building a ganja-preneurial empire shove the music to the backseat? Year of the Dragonfly is here to cast any doubt where the Krew’s priorities are. On past releases, Kind Dub showed a penchant for […]


THE SYMBOLS: Spiritual Porn Rock for the masses

By: Rebecca Lapole When a group of artists calls their style of music “Spiritual Porn Rock – music that’s good for the soul and body,” there’s an intrigue there urging more exploration. In an unassuming suburban Fort Collins home, The Symbols created their own magnificent recording studio, and over a Chinese food lunch, seduced this writer with their talent and passion for their craft. The Symbols are guitarist Jasco Duende, […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community


by: Doug Usher  I don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge, but the overabundance of impending holiday movies is not something I’m looking forward to. I have nothing against the holidays, but Christmas movies are not my favorite. But assuming you want to socialize with anyone else this season, chances are you’re going to be pressured into a few holiday cinema sessions. So I’d like to suggest a few options […]

ALBUM REVIEWS: Bryan Thomas and The Mercenaries – Burn It To The Ground

by Jeremy Fleischer Lately, Nashville has received a lot of criticism for producing sub-par music that ignores the country music heritage. It’s commercial dribble that’s dependent on clichés and written by panels of marketers.  Artists like Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell lead the charge for a new country, one that respects the genre’s origins while charting a new course. On Burn It To The Ground, Bryan Thomas and The Mercenaries […]


by : Jeremy Fleischer It’s really, really hard to be critical of South to Cedars. Not because there’s nothing to criticize, rather their sincerity and earnestness makes you feel like a jerk doing so. As an Americana string band with a country-grass, soft rock sound, it’s not uncommon to find the kind of wholesome corniness on Sunny State. Take “Six String Affair”: At the beginning of the song, the listener […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community

Kickin’ Up Country With The Tailgate Rockstar Band

by Ali Owens JT Adams knows a little something about perseverance. As the songwriter, lead singer, and rhythm guitarist for country act The Tailgate Rockstar Band, his dreams are finally materializing – but it’s been a long time coming. “In some people’s eyes, this happened overnight,” he says. “No one realizes how many years I’ve spent putting in 32 + hours a week on music trying to get it right.” […]