The Wailers are Bringing Roots Reggae Back to Colorado

By: Kaia Femenías This past Saturday, January 28th, legendary reggae group “The Wailers” brought a night of loving tunes to Fox theater. They lit up the stage sporting the classic red, yellow, green and black of Rastafari culture while striving to maintain the original message of their music–  messages of loving all beings as equal regardless of race. The Wailers also seem to take pride in the articulate instrumentation in their […]

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Pianos About Town is Seeking Artists

Have you ever walked around and caught a glimpse of the colorful painted pianos around Old Town? Pianos About Town, an interactive public art program in Fort Collins, is seeking artists or artist teams to paint or decorate pianos for 2017. The program is looking for diverse styles, and hopes to focus on emerging artists who are full of new and exciting ideas. Selected artists will receive an honorarium of $1,000. […]

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Loveland’s Official Valentines Beer Coming Soon: Chocolate Cherry Brown Lager

Grimm Brothers, a brewery based out of Loveland, is excited to announce the release of this year’s Official Beer of Loveland’s Valentine Celebration—the 2017 Bleeding Heart, a chocolate cherry brown lager. The typical porter is making the switch to a brown lager this year thanks to new Head Brewer, Laura Pilato. With this new base, the beer has all the complexity a beer lover looks for in a brown, but also […]


Lights, Lasers, and Lineups- The World of Electronic Dance Music

By: Kaia Femenίas   11 o’clock at night is WAY past my bedtime. I like to brush my teeth and hit the pillow by 10:30 most nights, leaving enough room for sleep to get me through the next day of productivity. You know the drill- studying, drive to work, drive back from work, remedial tasks, high cortisol levels, caffeine addiction, existential dread—the usual. Yet here I am, eyes wide open, […]

Infected Mushroom Sent Crowd Into Auditory Trance

By: Kaia Femenías On January 12th, the Aggie Theater hosted the DJ duo and legacy, Infected Mushroom, the kings of psytrance music. The anticipated evening began with Goldilocks, a dreaded DJ out of Fort Collins. He catered to the listeners looking for an eclectic array of sounds projected through bass music similar to that of “Bleep Bloop” or others within the genre of psychedelic bass music. After the conclusion of […]

January 20-The Whisk(e)y

TALLGRASS Raised by wolves, taught by squirrels, enemy of the owl – Tallgrass sings songs of happiness and sorrow. This trio brings gravel road vocals, quick-picked guitar, and a rhythm section with stomping ground sound. While they’ve got a banjo, it isn’t bluegrass- influenced by old-timey sounds while digging through new-timey notes, they write and perform homemade auditory originals. Three-part harmonies backed by drums, bass, guitar, and banjo sit on […]

January 14- Downtown Artery

Doyle Bramhall II Doyle Bramhall II is one of the most distinctive vocalists, guitarists, composers and producers in contemporary music. Indeed, none other than Eric Clapton, with whom Bramhall has worked with for more than a decade, lauds him as one of the most gifted guitarists he has ever encountered. As the son of the late Texas music legend Doyle Bramhall, he was raised in a home filled with the […]

Boom! Celebrating Community Engagement through Music

By: Kaia Femenías Escaping the daily grind may hold its challenges, but Colorado offers a bountiful array of events and culture intended to bring us back to our roots. In this way, I found myself at Vali Soul Sanctuary in Boulder, a center offering workshops, classes, ceremonies and gatherings for those looking to rekindle their souls and connect with like-minded people who search to benefit themselves through positivity. Here I […]

January 12- Surfside 7

WOLFER “Seduced by the succubus of the night, three lone wolves were drawn into a pack. Fueled by the unbound prowess of darkness these intrepid wanders were united by a common cause: to bring the ROCK to the streets of Fort Collins. This unholy union has spawned immediate results in the form of face-melting guitar, the rumbling thunder of bass, and the crushing fury of pulverizing drums. Only the most […]

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By: Kristin Curtis Since its beginning in the early 1980s, Cirque du Soleil has allowed people to have a mind blowing (trip minus) the acid. Fire breathing, juggling, body contortions, wild costumes, original music, and bold stunts are some of the characteristics that make up a Cirque du Soleil show. It all started in Canada when a group of colorful characters led by Guy Laliberté went on tour in 1984 as […]