ALBUM OF THE YEAR: The Patti Fiasco- Saved by Rock and Roll

2016, as tumultuous and at times unbelievably infuriating, depressing, and all around “WTF” as it was, produced some killer albums, including here in our region. It was a tough call for those of us at Scene to pick the Album of the Year, but here you have it: Our pick for 2016 is The Patti Fiasco’s Saved By Rock and Roll. This is not only because this band is a regional favorite for their notoriously energetic shows fronted by one of rock’s true superwomen, Alysia Kraft, but also because after the year we’ve all had, including in the music world, good LORD. We definitely feel saved by rock and roll, to the point that we can all probably relate to having some 2016 moments where music seemed to be the only thing that made any sense at all. Music saw so many heartwrenching losses this year and we experienced some disturbing gains such as a new “leader” (we will just leave it at that), but here’s this little gem of an album to help us deal with the pain. When Alysia Kraft’s gritty and soaring vocals scream out in the title track, we indeed feel rescued, safe, and part of a tribe we never want to leave. This album is the perfect blend of the wild west, a long and dusty drive through the middle of nowhere while the stereo blares with music, and rocking out late night in a dive bar while throwing back a few cold ones and some shots of whiskey. In the end, after going through this stellar nine song album again and again, the song “Fall Over” says it best when we reflect on 2016: “You’re probably gonna fuck me up, you’re probably gonna change my plans…..” This year definitely altered our reality and made us question humanity and our own existence. But, in true rock and roll form, Music pulled us through and gave us reason to dry our tears, raise our glass and carry on, our hearts filled with a little glimmer of hope. Cheers, 2016, and thank you to The Patti Fiasco. You got us through, one song at a time, and we tip our hats to you in sincere gratitude.    – DD

Saved by Rock and Roll (2016): Available on iTunes

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