Augustus – The Mercury EP

By: Jeremy Fleischer


Past releases from Boulder’s Augustus have established the trio as a mostly acoustic act with a fresh take on Americana music. Rather than write from a sense of nostalgia, the band used elements of bluegrass and blues to write solid songs with undeniable contemporary flair. Welp, all that has changed – or has it?

This past August, Augustus released The Mercury EP, an album of driving, hard-rock, blistering guitar blues more akin to The Black Keys than Mumford & Sons. On first listen one might make a quick judgment and declare this a departure, a new band, but this would be hasty. All the elements that make up this new sound can be found in past releases. The difference is that on The Mercury EP they have focused these elements into a cohesive sound. Thankfully, the strong songwriting and heartfelt performance still remains, and in many ways this sound feels more honest to their musical vision and voice. The Mercury EP may be a one-off, and they probably still include the more Americana music at shows, but this EP adds a powerful new range to Augustus’ already impressive repertoire.

Produced by: Augustus members Colin Kelley and Jim Herlihy, with Studio engineer Tim Stroth.

Engineer: Tim Stroth

Studio: Madhouse Recorders, Leadville, CO

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