By: Jack Tallgrass

Spicoli. That dude from Dazed and Confused. Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Yes, we all are familiar with the “TYPICAL” stoner. We Coloradans also know that thousands of people are migrating here to do nothing more than use this state as their parents’ basement……to get high.

So, you get high, good for you. But being high, consuming cannabis, and how you represent yourself is a big deal. A BIG DEAL. Yes, I see everyone pull up to my favorite cannabis store from the rich granny, in her Caddy to the neck tattoo wearing kids in the busted down Grand Am, bumpin’ Dre and Snoop; but the world looks upon cannabis and the people who partake, generally speaking, like the brief list I provided earlier; parade of stoners, lost in a haze, waiting for the next sandwich, or nap, or handout.

That is why I have for the last 30 years thought it especially important that if you are partaking in the noble herb, you hold yourself to a higher standard than the typical stoner. Of course it is true that many people who puff cannabis are doctors, lawyers, pilots, teachers, and pillars of their community. I have puffed with all of the above, and the one thing all those people had in common, besides the desire for good herb, was the knowledge that for cannabis laws to advance, for people to get the real medicine they deserve, and ALL for us who love and use cannabis must remember that the world is watching. You don’t need to be a doctor or lawyer to want to rep yourself better because when we all pay attention, we can change the dynamic in this country from “that pothead needs to take a shower” to “that pothead makes millions, contributes to making his/her community better, and cares about the healing of the entire world in relation to cannabis.” That is a HUGE dynamic change, and one that is well within your reach.weed-photo

Does this mean you have to worry all the time about what people think of you, how you act, or what you smoke, and when and who is watching? No. It simply means that when people know you are a supporter of herb, you have a duty to represent that herb in a way that honors the plant and its properties.

1. Be cool: If you are high, don’t be an asshole. The very nature of the plant helps you do this.

2. Be high + articulate: Use herb to focus yourself, and others will notice that focus; it is contagious.

3. Don’t make it your defining characteristic: Weed is cool, but you are more than the herb and amazing in ways beyond cannabis. Show that to others.

4. Share: This is the DEFINING trait of cannabis in relation to other drugs and other drug behavior. Weed is shared. It is shared and shared some more. That concept in our culture needs more attention, so start programming people to be more giving, with cannabis as your guide, and you will get back what you have given.

Remember, that by doing others right by cannabis, you are doing cannabis right, and opening the door for a better, more loving and healing world. People will notice you, and follow suit. Yes, our beloved herb can save the world.

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