Laugh Till You’re Josh Blue in the Face

By: Rebecca LaPole

Those funny folks from 970 Comedy have rebranded themselves as Fort Comedy and are partnering with the Aggie to produce a series of Stand-up Comedy on the last Wednesday of every month with huge headliners!

David Rodriguez, Kyle Pogue, and Mallory Wallace of Fort Comedy now have monthly shows at R Bar, Prost Brewing, Hodi’s, and Elliot’s, and the big shows at the Aggie will be headlined by Last Comic Standing winner Josh Blue in January, Todd Barry in February, Rory Scovel in March, and hopefully a female headliner for April. Rodriguez said, “It is a dream come true to be running shows on this scale!”

With 350 chairs on the floor, bench seating on the sides, and high tops at the back, the Aggie has a great space where the comics can shine on a big stage in front of a large audience. The Fort Comedy group explained that each show will have, “Local people supporting as openers, a feature act, and one or all of us hosting in some capacity, and then a big name headliner.”

“In addition to all of these shows, all three of us have been performing and traveling all over the country spreading the word of our hot little scene in FoCo,” Rodriguez eunspecifiedxplained.

Wallace said, “We made connections all over the country and we hang out in Boise, L.A., Tuscon, Idaho, Utah, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming. I was a feature comic on a nationwide tour with Kyle, and now we’re planning trips to Chicago.”

An event called 50 First Jokes is coming up on Saturday, January 7, at 8:00 pm at The Bug Theatre in Denver, where each comic gets two minutes to tell their new joke for the year. Pogue said, “Out of 500 comics in the state, all three of our very own Fort Comedy comics were invited! That’s a big deal.” Pogue also made the finals of the Comedy Works New Faces Contest, along with Mike Davidson who is the new host at the Monday night Hodi’s show. Jacob Erdman is another integral part of the Fort Comedy crew who hosts the monthly Wellington and Pateros Creek shows.

Denver’s Josh Blue, who has a new special called “Delete” available on HULU, said, “Get ready Fort Collins! I’m coming to Aggie Theatre on January 25th. It’s my first show there in 10 years. I’ve heard great things about the growing comedy scene and can’t wait to be a part of it!” His comedic style is self-deprecating, unique, hilarious, and undeniably likeable as he cracks jokes about his disability, Cerebral Palsy, being a member of the US Paralympic Soccer Team and a white African-American, and the life of a single father of a young son and daughter. Blue’s YouTube videos are hysterical, and the Fort Comedy crew keeps the crowds in stitches, so don’t miss the chance to see him and our local funny folks at the first of several big shows at the Aggie.

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