The Wailers are Bringing Roots Reggae Back to Colorado

By: Kaia Femenías

This past Saturday, January 28th, legendary reggae group “The Wailers” brought a night of loving tunes to Fox theater. They lit up the stage sporting the classic red, yellow, green and black of Rastafari culture while striving to maintain the original message of their music–  messages of loving all beings as equal regardless of race.

The Wailers also seem to take pride in the articulate instrumentation in their music. This was evident at their donation based event in Longmont earlier this year when a member proclaimed “You have to let the music breath!” prior to playing beautiful instrumental solos.

Although the members of The Wailers have changed several times after the death of former lead singer, Bob Marley, their music continues to carry the same uplifting magic many fans have come to intimately love. 

It is truly a message of love as loud as the music itself.


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