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By: Rebecca Lapole Grayson Erhard is a hard-working man. You may recognize him from Aspen Hourglass and Pandas & People, but now he is on his own creating some amazing tunes and proving that an artist can also be a savvy business man. Born and raised in Del Norte, CO, he started with a little guitar on his lap at four years old. “My mom kicked it off for me […]


By: Jeremy Fleischer 3/5 STARS In our culture, we tend to value the new over the old. After award seasons pass and end-of-the-year lists are ranked, we move on to new release movies and the next buzz album, sending last year’s hits to the dustbin. If a band is trying to build an audience, it’s an act of generosity to include a cover song in a set of unfamiliar originals. […]

Local Culture, Arts & Community


Sponsored Content You have to see it to believe it. That’s the motto of the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery, Northern Colorado’s only fully immersive 360º digital theater. What is a dome theater? Think back to your school days when you went on fieldtrips to the planetarium with the seats that leaned way back and the gigantic machine in the middle of the room […]


BREW THERAPY: How Horse & Dragon Saved the Day

By: Ali Owens I’m not having a great day, you guys.  I overslept.  I took a client to lunch and managed to spill my (full) glass of water all over our platter of sushi.  The water got in my shoe and made things all squishy.  The short winter days have me feeling cranky.  And to top it all off, I had to get a crown on one of my molars the […]


Après Ski – The Food, The Drinks, The Vibe

By: Doug Usher The weather is finally turning colder, the snow is falling and the slopes are open. This is Colorado, and a flurry of winter activities are literally at your doorstep. From sledding to snowshoeing to skiing, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’d prefer to focus on what comes at the end of the day. Known around the world […]


WRITE MINDED: Fresh Talent Showcase Winners Ready for More

By: Dawn Duncan It was March of 2015 the first time I was introduced to Write Minded and their engaging, unique sound. I was upstairs at the 512 Bar, in the heart of downtown Austin, TX, for South by Southwest and the Colorado Music Party. It had started raining onto the upstairs rooftop music space and I, along with a hundred or so of my closest friends, decided to descend […]

January 6-Aggie Theatre

NAPPY ROOTS Kick it ol’ skool on January 6 with Nappy Roots at The Aggie, along with Thin Air Crew and Fresh Crew. Get all mid-90’s with the ever popular Kentucky-generated group that gave us hits like “Good Day” and “Awnaw” and scored the number one spot in hip hop in 2002. The group formed when members were attending Western Kentucky University in 1994. Still actively writing, recording, and touring, […]