By: Jack Tallgrass

Hate Valentine’s Day? Love it? Either way you feel…..warm and lovey or salty as hell, you know who is always there for you? The reefer. Mary Jane. Your BUDZ.  Honestly, as long as I have some great herb on V Day, there is no losing, because CANNABIS IS FOR LOVERS.

If you are spending V-Day alone: Love Thyself like the Dude. Your herb will go a lot further if YOU are the only one smoking it, so treat yourself. You will need a few candles (that you remember to blow out later), some great reefer, great tunes, cannabis food with loving ingredients, and probably a whole lot of snacks on a floating tray of some sort, that you will spill and eat soggy (there is no shame in that). Turn the lights down and prepare a bath with, yes….cannabis infused bath salts. Get in the bath, and before you even get to smoking yourself into a LOVE COMA, you will be so high it won’t matter if nihilists throw a weasel in for fun. Remember who should love you best. YOU.

If you are spending V-Day with a first date or perspective love: Rule number one, don’t drink so much you turn into an ass and waste the night. Rule number two, the best dates, and longest lasting relationships start with cannabis. (If your date does not enjoy cannabis, refer to my advice above, say goodbye, and make a bee line for your bath tub). Come equipped. Make sure to bring herb to your date in several different forms. Real herb (joints and bowls are easy), safe vape option, cannabis food, in a variety of amazing Valentine’s Day options assured to please the chocolate lover or any sweet tooth. Enjoy your time with each other, which will be easy, because great weed leads to great sex, or really stimulating conversation….or both. (Never be too high to remember protection, which now probably comes in cannabis flavor, too).

If you are spending V-Day with a long time lover: CANNABIS IS FOR LOVERS. Long-lasting love is based on respect, the ability to be flexible, and LOTS OF CANNABIS. I have logged over 20 happy years with the same person, and all our arguments end when we decide to quit being assholes and smoke a bowl together. Assuming that you are not both asleep on the couch by 8 (the mark of any great long lasting relationship) make sure to find some great herb massage cream, and rub your lover into a higher state of consciousness. Giving some….gets some. If your partner is asleep in the couch by 8, refer to my advice above and get ready to enjoy some soggy snacks, high as hell, in the bath…because who loves you best? YOU!

Lastly, and firstly, the cannabis that you ingest should be safe. Grown in a way that respects the plant, without pesticides, chemicals, and not extracted in ways that put you and your body in danger. There are MANY products and companies that are only out for a big buck, and do NOT have love and health in mind. Be smart, and remember, CANNABIS IS FOR LOVERS.

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