By: Ali Owens

“Is this a brewery, or is this a greenhouse?” I mused upon my first visit to High Hops Brewery in Windsor.  Turns out, it’s both: the brewery is located under the same roof as The Windsor Gardener, which works in its favor by creating an eclectic and entirely unique atmosphere.  Walking in, I was hit in the face with a welcome blast of humidity – a nice antidote to winter’s unforgiving dryness – and was instantly intrigued by the greenhouse ceiling, array of plants, and indoor beer garden.  I’ve spent time in a lot of breweries – but none quite like this.unspecified-5

And the BEER!  Each selection was well worth the short drive to Windsor – I’ll be going back, and you definitely should, too.  Read on for some highlights!

// Blueberry Wheat – American Wheat with blueberries

Smells like: the perfect blueberry muffin.

Tastes like: golden wheat up front, nicely segueing into sun-ripened blueberry and a hint of caramelized sugar on the finish. Light, refreshing, slightly sweet, and oh-so-delicious!

Drink it: for Second Breakfast, hobbit-style.


// Habanero Hunny – Red Ale with habanero

Smells like: lunch from a Mexican kitchen – think roasted chiles and savory tamales.

Tastes like: peppers that get hotter the longer they’re in your mouth!  As the heat wave rolls over your tongue, you’ll notice elements of grain and malt that complement the vegetal flavor nicely. The finish is hot and lingering – a must for all spice lovers!

Drink it: when you’re prepared to feel – and keep on feeling – the burn.


// Political Rescue – Sour Wine Barrel-Aged Red Ale

Smells like: tart black cherry, cedar, and old books.

Tastes like: a journey that begins with mouth-puckering berries and ends with the fruit-forward tang of a good Pinot Noir.  Beautiful notes of oak and leather shine through along the way, reining in the tartness, and a subtle hint of pipe tobacco adds a surprising bend in the road.

Drink it: when you’re planning your revolution and need something to get the juices flowing.


// Picea Pale Ale – American Pale Ale with Colorado Blue Spruce tips

Smells like: a high-altitude forest, swollen with the remnants of a springtime rain.

Tastes like: a spruce tree and a hop vine somehow cross-pollinated.  The hop structure is commanding, and a hint of sourdough mingles with notes of pine. A bold, bracing pale ale for hop lovers only!

Drink it: if you’ve ever wondered what Colorado tastes like in liquid form.



unspecified-6// Cherry Vanilla Stout – Milk Stout with cherries and vanilla

Smells like: the end result of dropping a dark chocolate cherry cordial into your vanilla latte.

Tastes like: bitter cacao nibs up front, giving way to cherry, sweet cream, chocolate, and espresso. Equal parts bitter and sweet, you’re going to want to try this one.

Drink it: for dessert – or anytime you want something decadent.


Can’t get to Windsor?  You’re in luck – select brews from High Hops can be found at the Perfect Pour – 1671 S. College Ave. Pick up a six-pack today!

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