Love is a many splendored thing…and love floods our ears more than any theme out there it seems, especially during the month of February when all thoughts (perhaps good and bad) seem to center on relationships, feelings, and reflection.

What always gets me really thinking about love is MUSIC. Since my life has always included music, whether learning instruments and vocals as a young person in Minnesota, working with musicians around the country, writing about music, attending festivals, or conducting events and shows, music has filled my life with happiness and also has served as a go-to for those times when life hasn’t always been easy. And of course it has been there through good times and bad when it comes to love. From that first awkward junior high dance (think extra spacing between couples, bad dance moves, and inevitably some really awful 80’s love songs on the school’s marginal-at-best speaker system), music has been the touchstone when it comes to thinking back on relationships. I could make a list of hundreds of songs that have influenced me over the years, but for now, I’ve chosen to create my 2017 “Editor’s Picks of The Best/Worst Love Songs,” or, if you will, “Love is Delicious/No Celine” playlist.

Let us raise a glass to all of the people who have come and gone from our lives; people we love and the ones we’ve lost. The good, the bad, and the truly crazy — we celebrate them here. We celebrate that phenomenon that happens on the radio when we feel good, bad, or indifferent about someone; the radio somehow reflects our current state of mind. Always. We celebrate those times when we thought our heart would explode with joy and the times when we thought it was shattered forever. For without love gone awry, we would not know true love when we finally find it (or it finds us). Happy Valentine’s Day and whether you are celebrating solo or with a special someone, make it a day of love for yourself and the world around you. Cupid’s arrow knows no bounds.

The 2017 “Love is Delicious/No Celine” Playlist:

1. Sisters of Mercy: “Marian”

2. Depeche Mode: “Strange Love”

3. The Descendants: “Marriage”

4. Nick Waterhouse: “I Can Only Give You Everything”

5. The Damned: “Love Song”

6. The Cure: “This Twilight Garden”

7. The Smiths: “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”

8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: “Into My Arms”

9. David Bowie: “Love You Till Tuesday”

10. Erika Spring: “Happy At Your Gate”

11. The Decemberists: “The Hazards of Love 4 (The Drowned)”

12. CAIRO: “Starry Nights”

13. Monica Heldal: “Follow You Anywhere”

14. Leonard Cohen: “Dance Me to the End of Love”

15. The Weeknd: “Nothing Without You”

16. Marvin Gaye: “So In Love”

17. Led Zeppelin: “I’m Gonna Crawl”




Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our readers!


Dawn Duncan

Managing Editor

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