“PsychedelicGypsyGothPunk” is Stella Luce’s newest description for their unique and avant-garde sound. Known for Alana Rolfe’s signature vocals that not only showcase an exceptional range, from low and sultry to soaring soprano notes, the four piece act also boasts exceptionally tight rhythm, intricate guitar work, and an ability to express complex themes in a strong, poetic manner. The word that always comes to mind in thinking of Stella Luce is “haunting,” and the band will release their new EP, Bleed, at Hodi’s on February 11, with special guests Altas, Echo Chamber, and Church Fire. As the follow up to their album, Caldera, Stella Luce now walk deeper into their love of punk music, with dark themes mixed with introspection, bits of levity threaded into the dancing lyrics of Rolfe’s vocal delivery, and a hybrid of multiple genres that only bands as odd yet artsy as Stella Luce can master. This is a band that continues to change with each release and, in between albums, they give us all kinds of interesting shows, including several cover productions like October’s Cure set and previously covers ranging from Ginuwine’s “Pony” to MIA’s “Paper Planes.” Just when you think you’ve got Stella Luce all figured out, they hit you with an album like Bleed and keep you guessing what they’ll do next. Tickets: HodisHalfNote.com All ages. $10 ADV, $12 DOS (+$5 for under 21). Doors: 8 pm, Music: 9 pm. Band information: StellaLuceMusic.com.

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