ALBUM REVIEW: L.A. Rose – I’m Such a Fool

By: Jeremy Fleischer

3 out 5 STARS


Luke “L.A.” Rose is perhaps best known in Fort Collins as the producer/DJ for the hip-hop troupe Thin Air Crew. And as such, he lays down original and sampled beats for the emcees to get wild over. No disrespect to the emcees and other Thin Air producers, but when you hear an L.A. Rose track you wish there could be more instrumental verses to hear what he can really do. And now you can.

L.A. Rose’s first solo album, I’m Such a Fool, is 11 mostly instrumental tracks that, if listened to through some decent headphones from start to finish, will take you places you weren’t planning to visit. These are undeniably hip-hop inspired songs, but more so these are soundscapes created by compiling a host of sounds and instruments, both novel and familiar. If an emcee were to rhyme overtop these songs, they would be ruined. The ambient layers and textures are meditative compositions akin to what the Air duo produces. And while some producers can achieve the same ethereal effect, only a few can do so with compositions that come close to building narratives, allowing for the songs to be followed and truly listened to with rewards along the way.

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