ALBUM REVIEW:Gasoline Lollipops – Resurrection

By: Jeremy Fleischer

3 out of 5 STARS

This past Valentine’s Day, alt-country rockers Gasoline Lollipops quit pussyfooting around with EPs and finally released their first full-length record after six years of performing and gaining ground in the Colorado music scene. And right out of the gate, with the title track, “Resurrection,” we understand what has taken so long.

There is nothing hasty about this album. These are songs that have been road-crafted before a live audience, smoothing out any potential snags. As a result, they almost immediately sound like classics you’ve probably heard somewhere. It would’ve been a lot easier to slam together a few outlaw country lyrics about drinking, throw in some pedal steel and a thumping bass, and call it good. Instead, we have musicians who are considerate of each performance, and a production quality that honors the songs. In “Jesus Ain’t Dead,” a song about rock stars hanging out with Jesus, we have killer lines like “Jesus ain’t dead. / He’s asleep home in bed. / And Elvis is cooking him eggs.”

But it’s not all jokes. “I’ll Be There For You” would suit a first dance at a roadhouse wedding any day, and there wouldn’t be a dry eye. Being an alt-country band means navigating a minefield of clichés. That Gasoline Lollipops can produce an album that feels so emblematic of the genre without getting blown up by a whiskey joke is amazing.

Gasoline Lollipops has managed to take the well-tread turf of alt-country and make it feel newly discovered.

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