You Are What You Cannabis


We use to say, “you are what you eat,” and “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”……..of course, that was when food was entirely made of food…and when the apples weren’t sprayed with chemicals you can’t pronounce even with a Doctorate degree. Strangely, we have become a culture where we want the most expensive shoes and phones, yet the least expensive food….at the serious cost of our health. Quality food nourishes us. Cannabis is the same. It nourishes our body and mind, IF it is grown with love and mindfulness, and not just profits and the bottom line. Cannabis is, of course, worth far more to humans than money. Remember, this is not a scientific article, and does not pretend to give any medical advice, but we can use some common sense and personal intuition to think about cannabis use.

1. Read the Label: The ingredients HAVE to be listed for a reason. Safety. Find out what is IN your cannabis, because it will soon be IN you. Is it soil or hydro? What is it grown in, fertilized with, and how is it finished off? All of these are important considerations. Some operations are VERY legit and list everything they are using, some do not. Finding cannabis grown with integrity and by people with integrity is key for your health, and there are indeed many gurus or Yodas of weed in Colorado; people who REALLY care. Pesticides, herbicides, additional ingredients all matter, and not all are harmful, but you are ingesting them, so know your ingredients. A good rule of thumb is that “Less is more.” Less ingredients, less fertilization, less chemicals. This can assure you of a safer experience, particularly in the long run.

2. Find a Transparent Grower/Operation/Provider: As with most institutions that function well, transparency is KEY. A good operation will put you in touch with the growers, methods, and ethics behind your cannabis. Why not? There is really no good reason that a quality operation functioning within the boundaries of the law would not help you know more about the cannabis they serve you. They might not invite you in to roll around naked in the trimmings or grow room, but the more they show, the more you know, the better your experience.

3. Edibles are Dicey: The biggest disappointment I have in our cannabis industry is on the edibles side. There only seem to be a handful of edible companies whose products contain mindful ingredients and extraction methods. Just this week, I saw a chocolate bar that had sodium laurel/laureth (foaming agent in shampoo) listed on the box. I am not a fan of non-food ingredients in my food. It’s that simple. Extraction methods have not been examined as fully as they soon will be, but again, old school simple is awesome; organic butter/coconut oil and organically grown cannabis treat the body right!

You know your body and how it processes cannabis. Use that connection and intuition when you are making decisions regarding cannabis. Your body also knows how to process the cannabinoids and actual food ingredients, as opposed to synthetic arrangements of food or cannabis. Example: You can’t put nature in a pill and expect it to be the same. Be simple. Be informed. Be high. Be safe. You are, after all, what you cannabis.

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