Soul Squared Brewing Company Farm Built Beer

By:Kaarina Robson  Photo By: John Robson On a sunny, 60-degree February day, one can certainly be fooled into thinking spring is coming. On a sunny, 60-degree February day, one can certainly be fooled into thinking spring is coming. Further deception is the ambiance of sitting and leisurely sipping beer on a farm, while taking in the sights of the foothills and sounds of chickens, goats, and pigs in the distance. […]


FORT COLLINS CRAFT SCENE FEATURED IN NATIONAL MAGAZINE  American Craft Magazine Highlights Local Makers  Northern Colorado makers, business owners, artists, and anyone invested in the creative and commercial success of the region will be excited to hear that Fort Collins’ craft scene was recently featured in the national bimonthly magazine, American Craft. The article titled “Hand in Hand: Fort Collins, Colorado” and appearing in the “Wide World of Craft” section […]



By: Dawn Duncan Photo by: Talia Lezama It’s late morning and I am meeting two of the four members of Denver-based alternative rock act One Flew West at The Curtis Hotel’s Corner Office lounge/café. In preparation for my meeting, I have gathered some thoughts and notes about this act that I first saw at 2016’s UMS (Underground Music Showcase) festival on South Broadway last July. There, I saw One Flew […]


Victim Culture: New Hardcore/Punk Act Hits Hard

By: Josh Rivera Photo by: Donovan Visai Roub Souay 2016 may have been a slap in the face in many ways, but in its final hours, it did deliver something to be excited about – Fort Collins’ newest hardcore/punk band, Victim Culture. In just a few short months, these guys have burst onto the scene in a big way. The key? Staying busy. In the short time they have been together, they […]


Qbala: Takes Foco Love and Hip Hop to the Northwest

By: Rebecca Lapole Photo By: Adam Bouska Kalhie “Qbala” Quinones doesn’t know the word quit. Her music and love have been growing strong since 2011, the year she met her fiancée, Arianne, and dropped her first album, My State of Dementia. Since then, she has recorded two more albums, proposed at her album release party in 2015, toured with the Flobots, played Red Rocks, and is now fulfilling her dream of […]


Branson Hoog—Where Music and the Art of Tattoo Collide

By: Dawn Duncan It’s late afternoon and Branson Hoog, lead singer of the rock act Shatterproof, is meeting me at The Music District to discuss his work. I have interviewed his band in the past, however, today we are focused on another topic and that is his art, including his job as a tattoo artist at the local shop Parabrahma Tattoo Collective. Today, I want to find out more about […]

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Arise Lineup Announced

By: Kaia Femenías Well, we’re approaching that time of year again. Though I suppose we got a glimpse of what FoCo’s summers look like these past few weeks. With the sun constantly shining, I know I was outside in shorts and a t-shirt. The warm weather also brought music festival anticipation, initiated by Arise Music Festival’s release of their initial 2017 lineup. Arise does a particularly impressive job of catering […]

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Meeting on the Mountain LIVE—A New Way to Enjoy Music

 We all love music. Agreed?  We are lucky to live in a state that gets plenty of traffic when it comes to jammy tunes and electrifying guitar solos. However, in all honesty, it can be hard to make EVERY show your heart desires to. This is where Meeting on the Mountain LIVE has taken a new approach to music. They are offering a new way to experience it, and even […]

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SAVE THE DATE: FoCoMX April 28 & April 29

By: Ainhoa Palacios  What is one of the best parts of spring and summer? Music festivals of course. Good news, the ninth annual FoCoMX ( Fort Collins Music eXperiment) is taking place April 28 and April 29 this year. This festival showcases more than 250 of Northern Colorado’s bands and solo musicians at more than 20 Downtown Fort Collins venues. The local event is perfect to enjoy one’s favorite Colorado […]

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Spring is approaching fast, and with it comes more and more live music.  Everyone’s favorite venue—The Mishawaka, has announced their upcoming shows. Get excited people. Beginning March 10, national acts such as Martin Sexton and Brothers McCann will take up The Mishawaka’s SpokesBUZZ Lounge indoor stage. The Spring Series at The Mish will also host Pandas and People, Cary Morin, Johnny Hickman of Cracker, Chieftain and Native Daughters. For more […]