Drop-Off Productions proudly presents an evening of live music featuring Athens-based cosmic country band Futurebirds live! at the Lyric Cinema Café. A loose-limbed tangle of reverbed guitars, hollered harmonies, and driving yet contemplative Southern rock rythms, the Futurebirds have been honing their scratchy, weathered brand of country rock since the band first burst onto the National scene back in 2009. Their three full-lengths and pair of EPs are boozy, soulful […]

Break Science’s Colorado Tour Comes to the Aggie

By: Kaia Femenías Wednesday, Feb. 15 will bring a night of eclectic music thanks to Break Science making their appearance at Aggie Theater. This will be their first stop on their Colorado tour.   The band has been playing together since 2009, and includes Borahm Lee (DJ, Keys), and Adam Deitch (Drums, Keys). Break Science gained their cultural influence from the lush musical abundance of Brooklyn while combining it with […]

INTERVIEW: Working a Crowd with Au5

By: Kaia Femenías After his appearance at the Aggie Theatre during his tour with psychedelic trance group Infected Mushroom, there was no plausible way for me to avoid delving further into the mind of such a talented musician. Prior to Infected Mushroom’s set on January 12th, the New Jersey electronic musician Au5  (Austin Collins) took the crowd on a unique set that bounced between emotionally melodic tunes and bass grinding […]


“PsychedelicGypsyGothPunk” is Stella Luce’s newest description for their unique and avant-garde sound. Known for Alana Rolfe’s signature vocals that not only showcase an exceptional range, from low and sultry to soaring soprano notes, the four piece act also boasts exceptionally tight rhythm, intricate guitar work, and an ability to express complex themes in a strong, poetic manner. The word that always comes to mind in thinking of Stella Luce is […]

Music News

KRFC’s David Vacek: Bringing Community Together

By: Sean Waters In this digital age, music lovers have more choices than ever to discover new music. With Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and others, community radio stations like 88.9 KRFC in Fort Collins have come to play an even more valuable role. For David Vacek, the Music Director at KRFC, community radio provides something streaming services can never provide: the chance to connect with and create real community through a […]

An Interview With LKR Students Eddie, Scout, and Pelé

By: Dawn Duncan Following our cover shoot with Little Kids Rock students Eddie, Scout, and Pelé, I had a few minutes to visit with our models about their experience in the LKR program, their plans for the future, and what they think of the current music scene. Remarkably, these kids, while only 10-11 years old, had quite a bit to say about what the future may look like for them […]

ALBUM REVIEWS: Red Sage – Cruel World single

By: Jeremy Fleischer 2.5 out of 5 STARS Denver-based reggae band Red Sage’s new single, “Cruel World,” begins with a catchy piano melody that’s decidedly un-reggae. It takes a full minute before the song shifts to the upstroke guitar and bouncy bass most associate with reggae. And once it does, the reggae elements of the piano riff become apparent on second listen. So it goes with Red Sage. For many, Red […]



By: Jack Tallgrass Hate Valentine’s Day? Love it? Either way you feel…..warm and lovey or salty as hell, you know who is always there for you? The reefer. Mary Jane. Your BUDZ.  Honestly, as long as I have some great herb on V Day, there is no losing, because CANNABIS IS FOR LOVERS. If you are spending V-Day alone: Love Thyself like the Dude. Your herb will go a lot […]


BONER—Get Excited About Fort Collins’ Kitschiest Band

By: Avalon Clare Typically when one pictures a classically trained cellist, words like “boner” and “abortion” don’t immediately come to mind. Cellist and vocalist Jessica Hazmat is here to change that misconception one line of dirty lyrics at a time. It all started more than six years ago when Hazmat asked some of her musician friends, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we had a band called Boner?” Most of Boner’s […]



By: Rebecca LaPole Photography by Tessa Abigail Photography Tara Lynne Sparks knows a thing or two about inspiration: “I had a church choir teacher tell me I could be in choir – if I lip-synced … and now I teach music for a living,” she said during our interview about the after school program that has changed her life, Little Kids Rock (LKR). LKR is celebrating its fifth anniversary in the […]